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For your Application Fee…

When a you participate in the CTAN Funding Cycle,  you will receive the following services and opportunities:

        • CTAN Office Hours – Prior to each application deadline, CTAN hosts this “speed mentoring”  event where entrepreneurs can engage several CTAN Members in 10 minute blocks for input and feedback.
        • Individual Office Hours – The opportunity to schedule individual 20 minute sessions with the Executive Director and CTAN staff for pitch guidance and feedback.
        • Entrepreneur’s Workshop – A two hour educational event that covers overall capital structure, the Funding Cycle process, communications coaching, suggestions from an Angel Investor, and Q&A with the founder of a CTAN portfolio company.
        • CTAN Pitch Day – The opportunity to pitch your company in front of CTAN Members, and have a recording distributed to the entire membership.  If you are selected to advance, you will follow the path detailed in the Funding Cycle.
        • Pitch Feedback – Following each pitch event, the Executive Director and staff will collect and professionalize all forms of feedback, and provide it to the entrepreneurs within 48 hours or improvement and adjustment.
        • A Second Run – If you don’t advance past Pitch Day or the Screening Meeting, you will have the opportunity to participate in another Funding Cycle of your choosing in the future.  Many companies collect the feedback and gain more traction or adjust their strategy before coming through a second time, increasing their chances of success.

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