Angel Profile

CTAN strives to maintain a membership base with broad industry and functional experiences. Please refer to Who Are CTAN Members for an idea of the CTAN membership composition.

All CTAN members qualify as “Accredited Investors” under Federal securities laws.

In addition, all angels invest with the anticipation of a healthy return; however, CTAN members also:

  • Enjoy taking a role in the entrepreneurial process and acting as mentors to entrepreneurs;
  • Invest their own money regionally and in relatively smaller amounts per investment than do venture capitalist firms;
  • Maintain a diversified portfolio and take a long-term view of their investments;
  • Are committed to the long-term success of their portfolio companies and wish to remain involved with their portfolio companies to the extent that they can contribute to the company’s success;
  • Understand the role of angel investment within the early-stage investment economy and the potential risks and rewards of early-stage investing;
  • Enjoy working with other intelligent angel investors to cooperatively vet deals, negotiate terms, and provide value as investors.

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