Patented underwater noise control system that is simple, easy to use, & effective

Improving the quality of life of patients with heart disease via CardioVol™

Taking the guesswork our of brain surgery

Enabling development of motion control solutions that allow for plug-and-play between servo vendors & major PLCs (acquired by Yaskawa in 2013) *EXITED*

A human intestinal stem cell platform for pharmaceutical drug screening and microbiome research.

Developing best in class imaging technologies for the early detection of Alzheimer’s Disease pathology

Aperiomics is revolutionizing microbial identification. We are changing the way that medical professionals around the world identify infections. And we are helping institutions and researchers harness cutting-edge technology for powerful results.

Enabling small businesses to produce their own iPhone & Android apps quickly and economically without coding, via EasyApp *EXITED*

Developing, testing, & measuring technology for the solar photovoltaics industry *EXITED*

Making craft cocktails as easy as a glass of nice wine or craft beer

The first commercially affordable, available machine that automatically wraps & bands silverware in napkins

Breathtaking innovation

Voicemail solution enabling users to route missed calls, transcribe messages, automatically tag & prioritize missed calls, & more *EXITED*

Billboard advertising company helping businesses grow & achieve goals by offering superior advertising solutions

Aussie meat pies are handheld, flaky pastries filled with delicious meats and vegetables

Email app that makes working together a breeze; Boxer's clean, intuitive design helps users clear their inbox & prioritize their follow up list *EXITED*

Using SSD technology, Cache IQ's storage performance appliance for NAS optimizes databases & accelerates applications *EXITED*

Book local photographers and get photos delivered the same day

Cellular network access control & monitoring solutions enable management, monitoring, dynamic reporting & control of access points

Robots that make food in restaurants, cafeterias & hotels

Scalable platform for building mobile, web and IoT apps; Deployable in the cloud and on-prem, encrypted end to end, & built to handle Internet-sized workloads

Next-generation predictive analytics platform leveraging AI to identify at-risk healthcare patients and target interventions.

Helping companies keep their technology up to date by automatically converting legacy code to the newest codebase

Online marketplace for countertop remnants

Leading provider of global, enterprise-level identity protection & fraud detection technologies & solutions *EXITED*

Giving homeowners control over their energy usage

Graphics card retailer that leases graphics cards to enthusiast PC gamers

Cosmic family co-creating the best selection of living foods, liquid and otherwise

Manufacturing vodka products made of south Texas corn using continuous distillation in a column still *EXITED*

Diesel Labs is a pioneer of Content Analytics, surfacing audience preferences to inform decisions about the development, distribution and promotion of media content.

Reducing surgical site infections in orthopedic & spine surgery via a suite of patented antimicrobial orthobiologic polymeric implants

Interactive digital media platform that engages consumers in destination locations like restaurants & bars

The purest example of tequila: cultivated-uncut, no water added, carefully distilled in small batches *EXITED*

Elevate K-12 brings high-quality live streaming instruction into a school’s classroom!

EmployerDirect Healthcare includes comprehensive care coordination services to educate and direct members to the best care available

Cloud-based enterprise search & content discovery solution; inventory & organize diverse digital assets on the fly

Medical diagnostics company providing rapid, in-office diagnostic tests for ear, nose, and throat illnesses

Creating electronic patient care reporting & other software solutions for emergency medical services & fire organizations

Better Knock-Ins. Better Cell Lines. Better Science

Enabling sales managers to drive activity & bottom-line results through team-based competitions *EXITED*

Patent-pending zero-maintenance products providing fleet managers with up to $30M in fuel savings per year per fleet

Craft brewery & tasting room in Austin, Texas

Locally-based community bank offering superb customer service & community leadership

Wireless underwater cameras that sit on a fishing line & connect to a custom mobile app *EXITED*

Website designed for ordering catered meals for the office *EXITED*

Online grocery store specializing in the Organic and Locally-sourced food movements

Leading provider of resilient & sustainable construction materials & community solutions *EXITED*

Partnering with physicians & biotech companies to design & manufacture vascular medical devices *EXITED*

Brewery celebrating the maverick spirit

End to end enterprise IoT connectivity & edge computing

Self-heating packaging component for use in food & beverage products

Data analytics company that analyzes aerial imaging to provide actionable information for the wind farm market

Innovative fitness brand with products in performance training, physical education & fitness, tactical training, & health/rehab

Developing innovative composite materials, including the first liner-less, all-composite fuel storage system for high-pressure gas storage

Game-changing solution enabling automatic management of inactive data & increasing access performance of active data

Minimally invasive prosthetic vein valve

Enabling energy efficiency via adaptive glazing shields for building facades & windows

Software platform delivering scalable & effective trades training via 3D & VR simulations

Enabling companies to generate sales revenue from social marketing via social Sweepstakes platform, Sweepmaker

100% electric vehicle that is purpose-built for people in wheelchairs

Giving cause organizations the power to optimize online fundraising & event efforts

Platform replacing functions of law firms by using tech to read pleadings, capture data, & coordinate appearances

Community of locals sharing recommendations on places to eat, drink and play; allowing travelers experience local in their cities

Delivering real-time automated remediation of NetOps and SecOps at enterprise scale

Making it fun and easy to tap into the local scene (acquired by Groupon in 2013) *EXITED*

Developing small molecule products for ophthalmic treatments in age-related diseases of the eye

Helping travel & hospitality companies enhance their consumer mobile apps (acquired by CrunchTime in 2014) *EXITED*

Software enabling OEMs to convert existing devices to internet-connected products quickly & efficiently

The easy & fun way to make completely customizable photo books, cards, & calendars on the web for free

Developing an implanted drug delivery platform with customizable design tailored to dose, duration, size, & shape

Providing access to the International Space Station microgravity environment for commercial & educational research projects

Providing affordable & reliable security solutions to brands & customers from data breaches *EXITED*

Developing novel technology for rapid repair & recovery of acutely injured peripheral nerves

Providing tools & information to identify & manage Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Nexersys iPower Trainer is a professional-grade multimedia fitness product delivering mixed martial arts workouts

Certified-organic, dried fruit & veggie meals & snacks created for children 4 months to 4 years *EXITED*

Providing organizations with fuel & cargo security, transparency & supply chain integrity from origin to destination

Global communication platform advancing the success of women & their businesses

Platform allowing online media outlets and bloggers to leverage third-party content to drives traffic, engagement, SEO & response rates

Web app enabling SMB e-­commerce retailers to manage orders, inventory & suppliers

Delivers sophisticated in vivo spine biomechanical insights to surgeons

Developing hardware & software to provide intelligent solutions to the vending industry

Delivering on-demand applications that improve productivity of engineers, designers, product support specialists, & managers *EXITED*

Designing superior branded mobile experiences & setting industry standards for mobile app infrastructure *EXITED*

Providing diverse financial products & banking services that incorporate high tech solutions *EXITED*

Own your home, not its problems

Platform helping students master critical STEM skills, preparing them for college and beyond

The intelligent construction finance platform for real estate lenders and developers.

Making rare diseases history

Nutrient-Rich. Delicious. Raw. Vegan. Gluten-Free. No Cholesterol. Non-GMO.

Making it easy to unlock retirement savings

Interactive VR for home builders

The cancer epigenetics company *EXITED*

Pharmaceutical company developing therapies for patients with respiratory diseases *EXITED*

Affordable, reliable, line-of-sight flammable & toxic gas detection *EXITED*

The leading provider of free, digital solutions for group & activity coordination

Delivering an advanced, feature-rich digital measurement system for collecting & storing accurate measurement data

Functional & performance test automation & test management solutions

Developing technology to improve the placement & monitoring of endotracheal tubes

Austin's premier craft distillery producing a variety of spirits including a uniquely Austin bourbon

Producing specialty polymer materials for the additive manufacturing industry *EXITED*

The 401k for student loans, allowing companies to help employees become debt-free faster

Providing innovative solutions for operating secure appliance platforms via hardware-augmented security

Making A/V solutions for teaching & collaboration that are affordable & supportable

First company to offer a free telehealth platform & connect people with a community of telehealthcare providers

Restoring your true color

Social media company empowering, embracing & connecting the world of curls, kinks & waves *EXITED*

Providing on-demand in-home care for seniors via machine learning & proprietary CRM

AI4JOBS transforms company recruiting

Baby gear services company with the aim of becoming "Geek Squad" for the baby industry

Technology investigating correlations between health, distinguishing traits, & lifestyles

Vegetable ketchup, BBQ sauce & siracha sauces, free of corn syrup and sugar

The first voice-controlled wearable device designed to keep the aging demographic independent, active, & safe

Creating products to promote health, wellness & safety for infants, toddlers & parents

Unisex hair product line including shampoo, conditioner, sculpting clay, forming fiber, styling cream & finishing polish

Building smart software that controls the flow of data & reveals insights between business apps

Designing products to help surgeons simplify spine fusion surgery & maximize patient outcomes

Personalized, on-demand business advice

Platform where consumers discover & purchase e-gift cards, which recipients redeem using their standard credit card

Developing ultra-low-volume, ready-to-use pharmaceuticals delivered through patient-friendly injection devices *EXITED*

The premier provider of low-cost reliable spacecraft systems

Texas brewery specializing in American-Belgo style beers

Preserving the Future