In addition to submitting a completed application in our system, Dealum, the following two items are required elements of your CTAN application. Your application will not be considered complete without these items:

  1. Screening Checklist
  2. Introduction Video

Screening Checklist:

Click HERE to download the CTAN Screening Checklist. Complete the checklist by following the instructions in the document. You must then upload the completed checklist to Dealum. Your application will not be considered complete until the completed checklist has been uploaded to the system.

Introduction Video:


Create a two-minute video recording of a founder, preferably the CEO, looking into the camera and covering the content requirements listed below. The content needs to be delivered in the order listed below. Do not use slides.

Required Content

  1. Your name, title, and company
  2. Overview of the problem
  3. Brief elevator pitch of the product or solution
  4. Are you pre- or post- revenue? How is your business going to make money?
  5. Raise details: Total raise amount, type (equity or convertible note), pre-money valuation/note cap
  6. How much of the current round is filled and by whom?

How to Submit

  1. Link to your video using the following naming convention: “[COMPANY NAME] Intro Video”.
  2. Insert the link in your Dealum Application.

Your application will not be considered complete until this video has been uploaded.